Monsoon Clothing Essentials and Tips.

Monsoon is almost here and we’re all waiting for it already. The rains are pretty to look at but when you step out, the real deal begins. So here I am to help you have a peaceful monsoon by letting you know the monsoon essentials and clothing tips.


Clothes play a major role in tackling the troublesome weather. So let’s see what can be worn in monsoon and what all to be avoided.

1. A-line dresses.

Dresses are so comfortable to wear during this season as they are flowy and are not tight fitting to the body. Bodycon dresses should be avoided during this season and instead we should opt for comfortable dresses especially midi dress as they are perfect in length. They are not too long to touch the ground as to get wet and dirty.

2. Pants and skirts.

Palazzos, trousers, culottes, cropped trousers, shorts should be opted instead of jeans and denims as they get heavy when they’re wet. Skirts can be worn as well. They look pretty and effortless.

3. Footwear.

Footwear should be chosen carefully when it comes to monsoon. Avoid wearing your favourite and expensive footwear during monsoon as it is most likely to get spoilt. Opt for strappy sandals, bellies especially slip-proof and well-gripped footwear like crocs. Avoid heels and shoes during rains.

4. Dark and bright clothes.

We know the fact that the weather in monsoon is so dull, so we can opt for brighter or darker colours which lightens up the mood. A pop of color never hurts and they are so good to be worn especially in rainy season. Avoid whites and pastels coloured clothes as they get translucent when they’re wet and also get dirty easily.

5. Sweaters and cardigans.

We can wear light sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, overcoats in monsoon to beat the cold. It doesn’t get that cold in here even in the monsoon, so instead of thicker sweaters, lighter ones can be worn.

Things to be noted:

  • Avoid whites and pastel colours during monsoon.
  • Avoid lenin, woolen clothes during rains as they tend to shrink when wet.
  • Avoid leather clothes, shoes and bags.
  • Use umbrella, rain coats, waterproof phone cases, ziplock bags to store and safeguard your essentials.

So that’s it for the clothing essentials and tips for monsoon. Hope it will be useful to you. Another post will be coming up next week on monsoon makeup and beauty essentials. So Stay tuned!

Note that these clothes are monsoon friendly but we also know the fact that it doesn’t rain all the time or the roads aren’t always wet. So you can still rock your favourite clothes like jeans, maxis, whites and what not!? But we just got to be a little cautious ’cause it’s monsoon!!

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