20 Things to do when you’re bored

There are times when we’re free and we just don’t know what to do. So we usually end up on our phones all day long and let the time pass by. But there are a lot of things we can do in our leisure and we just don’t figure out what to do.

So, I’m gonna talk about a few things that can be done when we’re bored.I usually do any of these things when I’m free.

1. Watch a movie or a TV series.

I mean, if you’re having a lazy day, what’s more entertatining than watching new movies or any TV series? Or if you dont feel like it, you can rewatch your favourite movie or your favourite TV series. I know it’s one of the most favourite things for us to do.

2. Art.

I think painting and drawing are so relaxing and who’d not love that? I personally love painting and I often do it on canvas, papers and books. It’s such a fun thing to do and the end result is always worth it. I drew some masterpieces as well ;). If you just don’t figure out what to draw, you can find many pictures and tutorials online to choose from.

3. Read a book.

I can’t stress enough to say how beneficial it is to read often. You can improve your vocabulary, grammar and ofcourse you’ll gain knowledge. You can visit libraries often and read there. You can also buy books from stores near you or from online sites as well. If you don’t want to spend on it, you can read them online too. Any books is my favourite app to read books from. You can find all books on this app and it’s absolutely free.

4. DIY.

What feels better than making things just by yourself? Doesn’t it make you happy to see things that you made? You can make decors for your home, you can transform things to make them look even better. You can also revamp your old clothes to your liking or you can design them yourselves and stitch them. You’ll find many inspirations from YouTube, Pinterest etc and can still do it in your way. Trust me, it’s fun!

5. Organize.

It seems tiring just to hear it, ain’t it? I know right!? But try doing this. Organize your clothes in the shelves, fold them, rearrange them. You can organize your dresser, your room, or the whole place too. You won’t believe how good it feels after!

6. Cook.

‘Cooking huh? I can’t do it!’. I know you might skip this with this single sentence. I don’t know what’s the big deal here. Cooking is so fun and before you say you can’t, there are a million cooking recipes all over. You can learn to cook some simple recipes and eat it alone or serve it to your friends or family. It feels so good to eat food that is cooked by ourselves.

7. Go to a restaurant/cafe.

If you still don’t feel like cooking at all, this one’s for you! Just go to a restaurant or a cafe with your friends or family, try out new dishes or if not, you can eat your favourite food too. Good food=Good mood right?

8. Call your friends.

It feels so good to talk to our friends, it’s fun and we’ll get to know them more. It’s always good to keep our friends close to us. When you’re low, just call and talk to them, you’ll be alright!

9. Get your clothes.

Just experiment with your clothes, make combinations, keep your clothes ready for the coming days, iron them, wash them. You can also donate the unwanted and ill-fitted clothes. You can keep the clothes aside that you want to wear for the coming week so that you don’t waste your time on what to wear when you’re in a hurry.

10. Be a tourist in your own City.

Just go out! Visit places that you’ve never been before in your hometown. I bet there will be atleast few places that you haven’t been to like museums, libraries, new cafes/restros, and more. Just go out and explore all of them. It’ll be fun for sure. I love riding along in my city going to the beach and my favourite places, eat my favourite food, trying out new things, it’s such a great thing to do when we’re bored.

11. Gardening.

You should keep atleast a few plants in your home, water them everyday and watch them grow. It’s so nice to see our plants grow a little everyday. In your free time, you can trim the excess and the dried leaves. You can even name them just like I did to my plants and I even talk to them sometimes.I know it sounds crazy, but it’s okay. Gardening doesn’t mean you need a big place and a garden to do this, you can have them in a little space in your home to grow.

12. Play games.

Games are a great way for timepass, they’re fun and relaxing. Ofcourse you should play games which are fun and relaxing rather than those that make you feel anxious and tensed. Few games that I love playing are candy crush, Ludo and gardenscapes. Ofcourse when they get bored, I try new other games. You can even go outside, play shuttle, cricket and more. It’s good to your body as well.

13. Learn! Learn! Learn!

There’s no right time to learn something new. You can always learn new things like a new language, computer programming, painting, swimming, photography, poetry, cooking, dancing and what not! The list is endless. It’s always good to upgrade yourself with something new.

14. Shopping.

What’s more fun than shopping? It’s my favourite thing to do. I know it’s not that good to waste your money, but still you can buy things that you need. Go out shopping with your friends or family. Buy something new, wear them. Even such little things make you very happy, I bet.

15. Go for a ride.

Long drives are always fun, right? I love going out for rides may it be on a bike or a car, it’s fun. As the cool breeze hits your face and as you listen to some good music, riding along, what more can someone ask for? It’s such a good feeling, ain’t it? If you haven’t did this already, you’re missing out on so much.

16. Socialize.

Don’t be afraid to talk to someone. I know we feel a little nervous to talk to someone new but trust me, it’s worth it. Don’t be afraid to make new friends, just tag along and you’ll be fine. Socializing is very important nowadays. The more people you know, the more it’s helpful for you. It’s always good to talk to people, know them and let them know you. I’m not good at it either, but i’m trying to do better.

17. Music.

Just close your eyes, listen to your favourite songs. That’s all! You can even discover new songs, listen to them, make them your favorites, listen to them over and over again and get bored of them to find something new. Lol! You can even learn playing an instrument like ukulele, keyboard, guitar etc. Play them and sing along. Music can be your favourite pastime.

18. Do your nails.

Just do your nails when you’re bored. Trim them, file them, paint them. You can even do some nail art, it’s fun. You can find lot of pictures and tutorials of nail art online. You can even go to a parlour and get manicure and pedicure done. I keep staring at those beautiful nails once I do them.

19. Fitness.

Sounds crazy, but fitness can be your pastime too, you can exercise, jog outside, cycle, do zumba and many things. If you’re not much into it, you can atleast take a walk outside with your friends or just alone, watching the nature, observing things just so. And good thing is that it’s worth your time.

20. Skincare.

And coming to my favourite part, skincare! When I have nothing to do, I just put on a face mask or a face pack. Sometimes I put on store bought masks and sometimes when I have more time on my hand, I make them myself with natural ingredients. Your skin should always be taken care of. So don’t miss doing it!

I hope this is not boring to read ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I guess it helps you with your boredom.

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Until next time,

Xoxo ๐Ÿ™‚

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