Shein haul 2019

Hey guys,

So lately I’ve been thinking to buy some basic jewelry pieces to wear on a regular basis. Not being a fan of necklaces, I don’t buy them much and I’ve only got like two of them. My bad that one of them is lost and one got tangled forever. Now I’m left with literally no necklaces.

So I thought of shopping few pieces for myself. I’ve seen that shein has the best jewelry for a very less price. They’ve got some trendy and dainty jewelry that I’ve got my eyes on.

I’ve recently shopped from shein and got like 12 things from it. So I just thought of doing a little haul for the things I’ve bought.

Go ahead to see what I’ve got from it.

1. Sequin detail layered chain necklace.

Layered chain necklace

The first thing is this layered necklace which makes even a basic solid tee look good. I’m so in love with this necklace. Pairing this necklace with any outfit makes it look ten times better. I’ve got two of them by mistake and later learnt that none of the items that I got can be returned. So I’ll probably gift it to someone or keep it to myself.

Price – Rs. 196/-

2. Floral hair tie.

Floral hair tie

I’ve got this set of floral hair ties which I think looks so cute on my hair. They give a whole new look to your hair and your outfit. The quality of these hair ties are so good.They can be paired with any outfits like midis, jeans, maxis, casuals and what not.

Price – Rs.300/-

3. Plain hoop earrings set.

hoop earrings set

I’ve got this hoop earrings set which had three pairs of hoops in colors gold, silver and Rose gold. Obviously hoops are my favorite as they can be worn with any outfit without a second thought. They can be worn on a daily basis and absolutely looks good. These hoops are thicker than the regular thin hoops. I’m loving them as they are more visible and shiny than the thinner hoops.

Price – Rs.205/-

4. Metal sheet decor layered chain necklace.

metal chain layered necklace

These three piece metal chains are my next favorite thing now. They look so classy and cute. The best thing is that they are three different pieces so that only one, two or all the three pieces can be worn at once. They are so inexpensive and cute as hell.

Price – Rs.135/-

5. Oval shape flat lens sunglasses.

oval shape flat lens sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of my most essential and favorite things. Sunglasses from shein are so inexpensive and they’ve got a really good collection. I’m sure I’ll buy more good sunglasses from shein. I’m loving these black sunglasses and they fit my face so well. I’m sure you’ll be seeing me wearing them for the next few months atleast.

Price – Rs.316/-

6. Chain shaped hoop earrings.

chain shaped hoop earrings

Ahh! I’m already in love with these hoops. I just fell in love as soon as I’ve seen them. They are perfectly big enough and the chain detailing is just sooo good. I’ll be buying more such hoops in different patterns and detailing. Sure I’m not getting over them any time soon.

Price – Rs.186/-

7. Hollow unicorn necklace chain pendant.

unicorn pendant necklace

I’m sure I’ve never seen anything like this before. This is such a statement piece to wear. Wearing this necklace gives me such good vibes. It’s just for 90Rs and well, it can’t get any better. It’s such a steal for that price. I’m looking forward to wear it regularly.

Price – Rs.90/-

8. Star and sequin detail chain choker.

star and sequin detail choker

Okay! I’m done praising already. Look at how cute this choker is!! There’s this pink flower which makes the choker look even better. I’m so ready to style these cute pieces with my clothes.

Price – Rs.205/-

9. Open rectangle textured drop earrings.

rectangle textured drop earrings

On the first sight, I thought they looked so big. I thought of returning them, but yeah it seems they can’t be returned. Ofcourse they’re huge but after wearing them they looked so good on me.These earrings goes well with short dresses and maxi dresses. They complete the outfit as they are such a statement earrings. I’ve got them in Golden color despite the fact that there are many colors available. I think this color looks the best out of all.

Price – Rs.170/-

10. Metal ring buckle belt.

metal ring buckle belt

I’ve got this gold buckle belt in Black color to pair it with all my dresses and pants.The quality of the belt is so good and fits perfectly on me. I’ve got this belt for less than 200Rs and I’m sure it gives a different touch to the outfit.

Price – Rs.193/-

11. Bird decor double layered chain necklace.

bird decor layered chain necklace

The last thing I’ve got is this layered necklace. I’ve got a defected piece. Not actually defective but both the chains are of the same length and both the birds are on the same side unlike shown in the picture. And the pattern of the chain is also not that good looking. So I’ll just figure out a way to fix and wear it.

Price – Rs.103/-

So that’s the end of the haul. I haven’t got any clothes as it’s my first time shopping from shein. I wanted some basic jewelry, so that’s my first priority and I’ve got them. I might shop some clothes as well in the near future.

Also I don’t know if you noticed, I’ve got most of the jewelry in Golden color. But I’m not regretting it. Golden jewelry looks so good on Indian skin. For warmer skin tones, gold looks so good and that’s the reason why I’ve got more gold pieces than the metal ones.

Note that I’ve mentioned the names same as it’s mentioned in the shein website. So if you want to check out any of them you can search with the names as mentioned above or with the links that I’ve attached under the pictures.

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Until next time,

Xoxo ๐Ÿ™‚

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