How to prep your face for makeup

We all envy our makeup to be nice and perfect. But not everyone is a pro at it. Sometimes our makeup looks patchy, cakey and uneven. To avoid this, all you need is a little bit of preparation before applying makeup. To get smooth and even finished makeup, this is how you should prepare your skin for makeup application.

1. Removal of facial hair.

Facial hair should be first removed in order to get smooth and even base for your makeup. Facial hair can be removed by threading, tweezing, epilation and shaving. You can use an eyebrow razor to remove your facial hair very easily and painlessly. Removal of facial hair thus helps in flawless makeup.

2. Cleanse.

Your face should be cleaned with a mild face wash and exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and oiliness. Your face should be properly cleaned before applying makeup so that it stays on for longer time.

3. Tone.

After cleansing, your face should be toned so that it helps in closing any open pores on your face. Any toner or facial mist can be used for this. A great tip would be using an ice cube. Rubbing an ice cube all over your face before makeup will help tighten your skin,close all the pores and remove any oil on your face. This is why toning is very important before doing makeup.

4. Moisturize.

Moisturizing your skin before makeup is really essential so that your makeup doesn’t turn cakey and patchy because of dry skin. A generous amount of moisturizer should be used and sun screen shouldn’t be skipped if you are going out. Apply your favorite moisturizer and let sit it for a while to soak into your skin so that it looks glowy and hydrated. Apply makeup on a moisturized skin and you’ll see the difference yourself.

5. Choose the right products.

Yes! Choosing makeup products based on your skin type is really important for that perfect makeup. If you are oily skinned, then you should consider using matte and powdered cosmetics. If you are dry skinned, it’s good to opt for creamy products. This will help your makeup stay longer.

Try following these steps from next time and your makeup will be perfect everytime you do it.

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