January favorites 2019

Hey guys,

It’s one month down in 2019 already. Hope January has been good to you and kick-started Feb on a good note.

In this post,I’m gonna show you my favorite products that I’ve used last month.

Keep reading to know what they are,

1. Neutrogena ultra sheer sunblock.

I’ve started using this sunscreen since a while and it pretty much did the job. The neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock has spf of 50+. The cream looks plain white in color and the consistency is watery. When applied, it makes your skin soft and glowy. It’s an excellent sunscreen for every skin type. Also it doesn’t make your skin oily but gives an extra shine.

Price: Rs.199/- for 50ml.

2.Himalaya purifying Neem face pack.

This face pack is a bliss for people with acne. It has neem and turmeric and works pretty well to reduce pimples and redness on your face.

Apply this face mask once or twice a week and leave it on for 10 mins or until it’s dry. Then wash it off with cold water. Don’t forget to use a toner or moisturizer after washing off so that it doesn’t dry out or irritates your skin. It works really well in treating pimples and keeps your skin oil free.

Price: Rs.130/- for 100g.

3. Aroma magic nourishing hand cream.

This is the Aroma magic nourishing hand cream.I’ve recently discovered this hand cream and been loving this ever since. The smell of the cream is so subtle and fresh. It makes your hands soft and nourished. The cream looks in pastel pink color.The packaging is so pretty which makes me want to take it everywhere I go.

Price: Rs.175/- for 50g.

4. Kama Ayurveda Lavender Water.

The kama ayurveda pure lavender water is a face and body mist. It’s a good facial toner. It instantly refreshes your skin when sprayed. It is great for summers and can be taken anywhere along with you. Since it’s lavender water, it helps reducing stress and also Lavender is great in helping you treat acne and pimples. I love this product so much that I used it in less than a month’s time.

Price:Rs.250/- for 50ml.

5.Nivea Pearl and Beauty.

This cute product is the Nivea Pearl and Beauty deodorant. It is a roll on deodorant. It smells so fresh and subtle. It should be used underarms which avoids any body odor. Just make sure you don’t apply it right after waxing or shaving as the skin gets sensitive after doing any of these.

Price:Rs.185/- for 50ml.

Small ones come for 80Rs.

All these products are available online and in stores too. Do give them a try if you want to.

So,these are my favorite products from January and I would love to use them hereafter.

Do like and comment which of the products you used already. Also do not forget to ‘Follow’ me.

Until next time,


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