Fish tail braid with a boho twist.

Hey there,

Welcome back!

Today I’m going to show you how to do a fish tail braid with a boho twist.

Here’s how it looks on me.

I loved this hairstyle so much that I can’t wait to show you how to do this.

So, let’s begin.

Step 1:

Start by taking two small sections of your hair from either sides and tie it with a rubber band.

Step 2:

Take that section of hair that is tied and pull it from behind.

Now the hair looks like this.

Step 3:

Take another two sections of hair from both the sides and tie it down with a rubber band as we did before.

Step 4:

Now pull that section of hair from behind same as we did to the previous section of hair.

Now the hair looks something like this.

Repeat the same process again with another section of hair.

Step 5:

Take a small section of hair from beneath and twist it around the rubber band to hide it.

Step 5:

After wrapping it around the rubber band, secure it with a bobby pin so that it doesn’t show up.

That’s all with the boho twist.

You can leave it down as a hairstyle or you can further proceed.

The hairstyle looks like this.

Now comes the fish tail braid.

Step 6:

Follow the above process and now do the two stranded braid.

Start by parting your hair into two sections.

Step 7:

Now braid the hair by taking small section from the left section and joining it with the right section.

Then take a small section from the right section and join it to the left section of the hair.

Step 8:

Braid your hair by doing the same.

Finish the braid by securing it with a rubber band.

Here’s how the final look is.

Hope you liked it.

See you again.

Until next time,


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  2. Deepika sekhar says:

    In love with your hair๐Ÿ˜….

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    1. Thank you โค๏ธ


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